Xmodgames provides best free mods for: Clash of Clans ,Clash Royale,Piano tiles 2,Agario,Boom Beach, Subway Surfers ,Minecraft PE,Clash of Kings,Castle Clash,Clash of Lord2, King’s Saga,Simulation Games and many more .you can use accelerator, SandBox Attack, Keep Active with Xmod!


  • Massive Mods to Offer, Handiest Tool for Mainstream Games.
  • Launch Mods in One Click
  • Super game mods, surpass your opponents
  • Multiple Features in Mods Make You Peerless Among Your Friends

What’s New ?

  • Brand New #LuaScript Platform! Massive scripts to achieve 100% automation in games!
  • What Luascript mean ? – It is a game tool for auto-playing, such as COC Bot, Boom Beach Bot and so on.
  • With COC Bot, you can auto train,auto farm and auto search
  • Xmodgames In-App Account System! – You can manage lua scripts and share opinions with
  • ease!
  • Accelerator can be used in Multi-Launch now! – Speed up multiple apps for greater excitement!
  • Exciting news for Android 6.0 #marshmallow users : From v2.3 #Xmodgames supports
  • Android 6 Supported Now !

Featured Mods

  • Clash Royale
     Show Rival Elixir
  • Clash of Clans
     Search Loot: Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Trophy, Town hall level Search While Attacking, Townhall
    near Edge(PS:it doesnt mean you can get free Gold or other,this feature is for searching your target clan)
     SandBox Attack (Simulate Attack) and Sandbox from Replay
     You can Set 【Own Troops】【Target’s CC Troops】【Castle Troop】【Spells】【My Heroes】【Target’s
    Heroes】(In Sandbox Attack)
     Real Time Traps
     Dead Base Search & Save Perfect layout
  • MCPE Master
     Weather Control & Edit Character Level
     Add Item (TMI Select Items)
     Spawn Mobs
     Teleport
     Backpack Management
  • Clash of Kings
     Auto Train
     Auto Collect Resource
     Auto Alliance Helpcastle
     Auto Harbour Gifts
     Keep Active
     Skip FREE Building
  • Boom Beach
     Advanced Simulate Attack :【Magma Statue Simulate】【Infinite Statue Simulation】【Show
    Diving】【Set Energy】【Set My Troops】
     Simulate Attack
     Simulate Statues Building
     Keep Active
  • Castle Clash
     Auto Collect Daily Awards
     Barrack Assist
     Team Search Switch
  • Subway Surfers
     Gold Bonus multiplier ( increase gold bonus from 1 to 150 times)
  • 8 Ball Pool
     Unlimited Guideline
  • Piano Tile 2
     Coin Multiplier x10

How to Install ? (Android)

  1. Download the given apk to your phone
  2. Install it normally
  3. That’s all 🙂

How To Install ? (IOS)

  • Make Sure that your iDevice is Jailbroken
  • Open Cydia
  • Go to Manage -> Sources
  • Tap Edit -> Add
  • Enter
  • Tap Add Source
  • Install Xmodgames
  • That’s all 🙂

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Note : Your Device should be rooted/jailbroken in order to run this app


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