TypeNote Pro – Note Notepad 

A simple notepad that lets you organize your notes by category/folders. Also has functions to send notes (facebook, email, dropbox, sms +++), add image from album or camera, import and export notes/files(txt), backup and restore locally or online (Dropbox). The app can also be locked and protected with a passcode.


  • notes
  • categories/folders/sub folders
  • add image from camera or album
  • search notes
  • Sorting of notes by date or title
  • passcode protection (with timer)
  • Autolink phone numbers, email addresses and links.
  • Import text files (.txt), single files or all in a folder
  • Export to SD-card
  • Share notes (email, sms, dropbox, facebook…)
  • Backup function (manual or auto), local.
  • Backup and restore online, with Dropbox.
  • View/Edit-mode
  • AdFree!

If you choose to activate Dropbox backup, the app will only have access to its own folder in your Dropbox account. The app will not have access to anything else, or your login information.

What’s New in v2.1 ?

Add reminder to note
List all your reminders (option in menu)
Get text from other apps, like Google Keep etc.

  • Click share or send in the other app and select TypeNote

Automactially show keyboard when renaming folders and notes.
Bug fix : Folder paths.
Bug fix : Export to file (text-format problem)
Bug fix : Sorting notes was case sensitive.

How to install ?

  1. Download the given APK to your phone
  2. Install it



TypeNote Pro – Note Notepad APK (1.9 MB)