SiteMonitor Enterprise

It is an advanced application designed to monitor websites/hosts at regular intervals and notify you when they are down. You can view his both from a tray application and from SiteMonitor Enterprise Web Interface.It is ideal for server enviroments since it runs as a service and will check at fixed timed intervals that your websites/hosts are still functioning correctly. It will also log activity to a log file for future reference. From these log files it will also generate response graphs you can easily see the server uptime. You can manage multiple servers with and group them into sections. If failure occurs then SiteMonitor Enterprise will notify you by Email or SMS.


  • Windows Service
    SiteMonitor Enterprise runs as a Windows Service thus it starts automatically without the need for any user to log in. This is ideal for server environments.
  • Hundreds of Sites
    SiteMonitor Enterprise can monitor hundreds of sites, with no limitation.
  • Ping Web Site
    SiteMonitor will ping a website by sending a request similar to a browser. It will wait to check the response and check if an error has been returned.
  • Ping Host (ICMP Ping)
    In case of a host SiteMonitor can do an ICMP ping which will send a packet full of data and get the same result back.
  • Check that returned content is correct
    Each time SiteMonitor pings a website/host it will ensure that the returned result is correct.
  • Tray Application
    Configuration is done through a simple Tray Application where one can monitor the Website Status as well as view the activity log.
  • Web Interface
    A Web Interface accessible over the internet is available to view the current status and generate any reports on previous activity.
  • Checks if Internet Connection is available
    A check to see that an Internet connection is available is done to avoid sending incorrect notification emails.
  • Send email notification on failure (using SMTP or GMail/Google)
    On failure an Email Notification is sent to any email address one specifies.
  • Send SMS Messages to your mobile phone
    You can purchase SMS credits from Clickatell or BudgetSMS and this will enable SiteMonitor to send you SMSes when a particular website/host is down.
  • Response Graphs
    From the Web Interface one can generate Response Graphs
  • Up/Down Pie Charts
    It is also possible to generate Up/Down Pie Chart from the Web Interface which would indicate the percentage rate a website/host is down.
  • Multi User access
    The SiteMonitor web interface is accessible only by registered users. Users can register but then only a user who is logged in from the server can approve their application. Without an approval no users can access and see the monitoring data.

How to Activate ?

1. Install SiteMonitor Enterprise
2. Launch it & go to Help & Click on License
4. Enter any 0f the given License Keys
5. Click on OK
6. That’s all 🙂

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