Resource Tuner 2

Resource Tuner lets anyone view, edit, extract, and replace strings, bitmaps, logos and icons… All that make up the visual part of your Windows program.In fact, it allows you to view and edit almost any aspect of a compiled Windows program, from the menus to the dialog boxes to the icons and beyond. Resource Tuner offers exciting possibilities even if you aren’t a programmer. It’s perfect for translators, tweakers, and anyone else who wants a different look and feel for an application.
Discover the unique features of this Resource Editor, including how to open problem executable files and edit the hidden data which the other editors simply cannot see, wide range of resource types, UPX unpacker, and more. You will learn the industry standard program for translating and customizing the user interface.

How to Crack ?

  1. Install Resource Tuner 2
  2. Run Resource Tuner 2 Lifetime Crack.exe
  3. Click Crack button
  4. Wait till a message appears
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Resource Tuner 2 Latest Official Setup (3.62 MB)

Resource Tuner 2 Lifetime (2.2MB) / Mirror