PRO PDF Reader

Book and Document Reader with PDF and DjVu for comfortable and pleasant read.

If you are looking for a good PDF reader, stop here, you have found it.
Small size, clear, functional, fully customizable, choose the way you prefer to read.
This application find all books on device and display document thumbnail.
You can easy fixate document and read by simple finger tap.


  • ¬†Read mode and control mode (single tap to switch)
  • ¬†Fixate pages by width, page will not move from rigth to left
  • ¬†Search text in book
  • ¬†Table of content
  • ¬†Night Mode
  • ¬†Search all books (PDF, DjVu) on device
  • ¬†Scroll pages by finger tap on screen
  • ¬†Full screen mode
  • ¬†Support e-reader keys like Nook, Kindle, Sony
  • ¬†File navigation
  • ¬†Recent Books
  • ¬†Light theme and black theme
  • ¬†Set screen orientation: Portrait, Landscape, Automatic
  • ¬†Bookmarks on page
  • ¬†Links History, back to page
  • ¬†Cut white document borders
  • ¬†Automatic Scroll, configure speed, play-stop on double tap (Best choose for Musicians)
  • ¬†Swipe pages in lock mode
  • ¬†Support Intel Atom x86 CPU
  • ¬†Book and Page Thumbnails
  • ¬†Desktop widget for recent books
  • ¬†Send, Share documents and bookmarks
  • ¬†Import, Export Settings
  • ¬†Configurable search directories
  • ¬†Samsung multi-window mode support
  • ¬†Mode for musicians (Autoscrolling music notation, scores, speed change, stop, start)
  • ¬†Text selection
  • ¬†Copy, Share, Translate, find in dictionary selected text
  • ¬†Translate text in online dictionaries (Google Translate, Lingvo,, Oxford, Longman, Cambridge, Macmillan, Collins, Merriam-Webster, 1tudien, Vdict)

What’s New ?

  • Updated design, new dialogs possibility move and resize
  • Improved search Razvan Eduard
  • Improved musician mode Domenico Severin
  • Improved widgets Mahdi Kefayati
  • Added underline, highlighting text In testing
  • Drawing annotation lines and deleting annotations In testing

How to Install ?

  1. Download the given apk to your phone
  2. Install it
  3. That’s all :)

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