Note : After developers have taken down the original Popcorn Time,Now there are many builds of Popcorn Time can be found.So we checked almost all of them ourselves and posted the best :)

Latest Version : 3.2

Popcorn Time

Think of Popcorn Time like Netflix, just with movies worth watching. Find a title and click “Watch It Now”. The media catalog is impressive. Everything from first run movies to classics like Hook are available to watch. Frozen, American Hustle, Gravity — even Delivery Man if you’re a touch masochistic. Captain Philips, Dallas Buyers Club, and the Bridge on the River Kwai are there. All the videos are free. And slightly illegal.

Popcorn time has no any connection to Netflix or Netflix servers..It buffers movies from torrents.And in this latest version 2.9.1 They have added an all new category for TV shows :)

What’s New in Version 3.2?

  • integration
  • Watch TV series in HD quality
  • Keyboard navigation

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A little tip
Popcorn time automatically deletes the buffered(downloaded) movie,when you close the app.But you can save it by following the steps given below

  1. Open Popcorn Time
  2. Go to settings (click on small gear icon located in top right)
  3. Scroll down to Advanced Settings
  4. Change Cache directory, to a path where you want to store steaming movies
  5. Remove ‘Clear Tmp Folder after closing app ?’ tick
  6. Done ! after watching the movie you will find full movie downloaded to the selected path :)

Downloads & Links

New Get Popcorn time web site (20.4 MB) – Windows 7 and above

PopcornTime-4.2 Alternative.exe (36.6 MB) – only for windows xp

Popcorn-Time-0.3.2-Mac.dmg(33.3 MB) – Mac OSX 10.7 and above

Popcorn-Time-0.3.2-Linux-32.tar.gz (42.9MB) – Linux x32

Popcorn-Time-0.3.2-Linux-64.tar.gz (43.4 MB) – Linux x64

popcorntime.apk (21 MB) – Android 4.2 and above