Pinball Deluxe Premium 1.6.7

Pinball Deluxe Premium the ad-free version of the successful Pinball Deluxe game.

Now featuring 6 different tables. Each table plays very differently and has a unique style: Basball, Brix, Wild West, Carnival, Space and Underwater.

Some of the features of Pinball Deluxe:

  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Great gameplay
  • Very precise physics
  • Minigames to play on the matrix display
  • Each table has a unique play style
  • Will run on devices from 240×320 all the way up to the latest HD

How to Install ?

  1. Download APK file given below to your phone
  2. Launch it ,Click on Next & Then On Install
  3. Enjoy the adfree Game !



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Pinball Deluxe Premium 1.6.7.apk (23.1 MB) / Mirror