Periodic Table

Learn the periodic table of elements with Socratica. Over 30 facts about each element for reference. Audio clips to help with pronunciation. Test yourself with quiz mode. Find elements by table, search or index. Learn dozens of chemistry terms.

 Pro Features
1) 118 elements
2) Atomic, thermodynamic, material, electromagnetic, nuclear properties and reactivity for each element
3) Electron shell diagram for each element
4) Solubility chart
5) Animation of electron shell diagram
6) 4x zoom of table view
7) Search elements by name

What’s New in v3.9.0 ?

1) New element photos from 55 to 71, excepting 61 (we don’t have for it).
2) Full French translation has been added. Thanks to Michel Pernot for this translation and another users for testing.
3) Full Bulgarian translation has been added.

How to Install ?

  1. Download the given APK to your phone
  2. Install it normally



Periodic Table PRO APK (17.0 MB)