NFC Tools РPro Edition

NFC Tools Pro Edition allows you to import your records or tasks directly from an existing NFC tag.
NFC Tools Pro Edition includes additional features such as profiles management and
many others. Save your tags or tasks profiles to reuse them later. Export and import easily.
NFC Tools Pro Edition allows you to import your records or tasks directly from an existing NFC tag. You can edit your tag very quickly. Also you can run directly your tasks profile without NFC tagsAnd of course, other exclusive features will be coming.


– The manufacturer of the tag (eg NXP, Nokia, IBM)

  • The type of tag (eg: MIFARE Ultralight, Ultralight C, DESFire, NTAG203)
  • The standard (eg: NFC Forum Type 2)
  • The available technology (Android class)
  • Serial number (eg: 04:85: c8: 5a: 40:2 b: 80)
  • The size of the tag and data
  • If writing is possible and if the tag can be configure read-only
  • All records present on the tag format NDEFYou can also write data on your NFC tags such as
– Save a text

  • Register a link
  • Post a link to an application
  • Save a mail
  • Save a contact
  • Save a phone number
  • Save sms
  • Save GPS location
  • Save address
  • Configure bluetooth connection
  • Save custom dataAnd you can set this following tasks
– Enable / Disable / Toggle WIFI

  • Enable / Disable / Toggle WIFI Hotspot
  • Enable / Disable / Toggle Bluetooth
  • Enable / Disable / Toggle Mobile data
  • Enable / Disable / Toggle Airplane (root)
  • Configuring sound profile : Mute / Vibrate / Normal
  • Set brightness mode and brightness level
  • Set auto-rotate
  • Set volume for ringtones and notifications
  • Set volume for media
  • Set volume for alarms
  • Set alarm
  • Set timer
  • Launch a app
  • Launch URL / URI
  • Launch Tasker task
  • TTS (text to speech)
  • Configure a WIFI network
  • And more !You can write a lot of information on your tag.

Other operations is available, such as copying or erasing of NFC tag.

NFC Tools has been tested with following NFC tags

– NTAG 203, 210, 212, 213, 215, 216

  • Topaz 512 (BCM512)
  • Ultralight, Ultralight C
  • MIFARE Classic 1k, 4k
  • FeliCaWhat’s New v3.14 ?
8 new social records

  • Interface improvements
  • Translations fixes