It  is an ultimate internet traffic control and monitoring tool designed for Windows. You can use NetLimiter to set download/upload transfer rate limits for applications or even single connection and monitor their internet traffic. Along with this unique feature, Netlimiter offers comprehensive set of internet statistical tools. It includes real-time traffic measurement and long-term per-application internet traffic statistics.

NetLimiter gives you full network control over your computer. You will decide where your application can connect and how fast these connections will be.

  • Full internet bandwidth control over applications and computers
  • Powerful connection blocker
  • Long-term internet traffic statistics
  • Fully customizable behaviour using user-defined Rules and Filters
  • And much more…


  • Ability to limit bandwidth of applications, connections and filters.
  • Firewall rule to allow or block in/out connections. Option to ask the user what to do.
  • Monitoring of applications, network connections and filters.
  • Firewall and limit rule editor.
  • Filtering of network traffic.
  • NetLimiter client can connect to other machine running NetLimiter.
  • Allow or deny the user to control or monitor NetLimiter.
  • Real-time traffic chart for selected application, connection or filter.
  • Support for IP version 6 protocol.

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