MP3 Cutter Ringtone Maker PRO

AUDIATOR Audio Editor for android is an editing app that give custom sound to your headphone and speaker based on the famous library ffmpeg. About ffmpeg, ffmpeg is number 1 in the world of multimedia processing and mp3 audio file making, therefore, AUDIATOR Audio Editor the mp3 cutter for android benefit from all its strength and speed and will give your headphone and speaker the best sound quality.

It has a very simple user experience, with only three steps, you can edit, cut and trim, boost, filter all the mp3 music within your android phone to give your headphone and speaker the best sound.
1) import mp3 music, audiobook, ringtone, records “+”
2) edit your imported music, play with the cutter, the filters, the booster in order to cut the best part of your music.
3) run save “Export” to save the edited file.
And finally, you can listen, compare, set as your Default Ringtone or for a specific Contacts, as you Alarm, Music File, Notification Tone and share the trimmed mp3 music via social media or emails.

What’s new in v4.1?

  • Remove Internet Permission.
  • Assign ringtones for specifics number with a search tool.
  • Improve the support for older Android version.
  • Add Fade-in/Fade-out filters duration manipulation in the settings screen.
  • Add Volume Boosting and amplifications levels in the settings screen.
  • Add multilingual support for 18 countries.

How to Install ?

Download the given APK to your phone
Install it normally

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APK (12.2 MB)