mhktricks Folder Hider

Hi friends ! We release our cracks daily but today something different !So here we release our first application ! This is a folder hider that can hide and unhide your folders ! This app is password protected so you can also set your desired password so that no one else can access !

How to Hide/Unhide Folders ?

To hide :

  1. Run mhktricks Folder Hider
  2. Click Hide & Browse for the folder to be hidden
  3. Click on OK
  4. Your folder will hide automatically

To unhide :

  1. Tick the folder to be unhidden in the hidden folder list
  2. Click on Unhide
  3. Your folder will be back as normal

Direct Download Links


Note : This is version 1 beta 2 and is under testing ! So test it and share your results


mhktricks Folder (107 KB)