Metro Navigator Pro v3.1.0

Awesome navigator for metro of different cities around the world. All maps are interactive, relevant and attractive. Complete list of maps see below at this description.


  • NEW: NFC-Plugin for read tickets of Moscow metro;
  • Trains timetables(L.A.,Msk,Spb,Kiev,D.C.,NY,London,Athens );
  • Search for closest metro station to location in the city. For example, you can find station nearby to Red Square. You can as well find closest station to Big Ben in London, to Eiffel Tower in Paris, etc.
  • Search for closest station using GPS;
  • Prompt which metro car to take to exit to the city or change the line (NYC, Moscow, SPb, Kiev, London, Barcelona, Paris, Munich)
  • Easy controls. You can get a route in few clicks;
  • Voice search – search for stations, routes, POI
  • Tourist’s POI – cafés, night clubs, cinemas, shops and other places of interest nearby to metro stations;
  • Airports and railway stations located on the map;
  • Send your route as text via SMS or as picture via Email
  • Favourite stations, routes and closed stations
  • Schemes of stations for some maps
  • Metro maps of many cities around the world in single app

Whats New?

  • Current location on metro plan;
  • Voice prompts while navigating;
  • Start station is chosen automatically;
  • Reminder to exit the train

How to Install?

Download the given APK to your phone
Install it normally



Metro Navigator Pro (4.9 MB)