Link2SD License Patcher

Link2SD License Patcher will provide you fake license which app will think its genuine for forever and you can update as well from Play Store and license will stay forever.


  • No package invalid anymore
  • Provide genuine license
  • No need to patch it again
  • Once patched you can update from Play Store as usual your main Link2SD app and license will stay forever for any version

How to Use ?

  1. Make sure you have installed Link2SD main app from Play Store only.
  2. Make sure “Link2SD Plus Key” is not installed.
  3. Now click “Patch” button and grant ROOT access, it will patch, if patcher force close when clicking on “Patch” button then use “Patch Hook ARM” button to patch.
  4. Now after patching you will see “Link2SD Plus Key” installed in your app drawer, open it and it will give you “License Error” just ignore it.
  5. Now come back to patcher and click activate and if you lucky it will be licensed.
  6. Uninstall patcher after license verified on “Link2SD Key” because Link2SD main app scans “p.jasi2169″ if found shows “Package Invalid” even if license is verified.
  7. If patcher worked then you no need to patch it again and you can update from Play Store as usual and fake license will stay forever until its fixed.

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Note : This app requires ROOT & may not support some mobiles


Link2SD License Patcher v2.2 APK (1.1 MB) | Mirror