LED Flashlight Premium

The premium Ultimate LED Flashlight app turns your phone into a bright flashlight using the extremely bright camera flash LED as a light source. Install Ultimate LED Flashlight Premium on your phone to ensure you always have a flashlight in your pocket whenever you need one.

How does it work?

Ultimate LED flashlight simply uses your phone’s very bright camera flash LED as a light source to provide the brightest illumination possible on your phone just like a normal LED torch.

The phone screen can also be used as a more subtle flashlight with your personal choice of screen color and brightness setting. The screen light is ideal as a night light, mood light, or checking on the kids before you go to bed at night without waking them up with the very bright LED flashlight.

The strobe light comes in handy in emergencies, whenever you need to attract attention, to warn people of danger ahead on the road, or when simply having fun at a party.


  • Uses your bright LED Camera Flash as a flashlight (torch)
  • When using the LED Flashlight, a beautiful battery level indicator displays the current status of the battery
  • Includes a home screen widget to more easily turn on and off the LED Flashlight
  • Alternatively uses your phone screen as a flashlight, night light or mood light
  • Screen light has fully customizable screen color and adjustable brightness controls
  • Your last selected personal preferences are automatically saved
  • When in use, normal battery saving screen brightness and screen timeouts are temporarily disabled providing an uninterrupted flashlight experience but reverts to your personal settings when the flashlight is switched off
  • Elegant design
  • Bright LED strobe light with advanced blinking frequency control

How to Install ?

  1. Download the given apk to your phone
  2. Install it
  3. That’s all :)

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LED Flashlight Premium v2.1.1 APK (3.7 MB) / Mirror