Hi guys ,

Missing the old mhktricks ?

Now , the time ends cauz we’re back.
Well , actually we know that you’re curios to know what happened to our site … So from the beginning

Due to our one silly mistake Sahil Saini of Mukerian, Punjab , India hacked our site.
Our website (mhktricks.net) was as usual till 10 April 2015 then he hacked all our accounts …
He redirected our website (mhktricks.net) to unicrack.com for few weeks but his site (unicrack.com) exist no more …

So he started using our domain …

Also our old Facebook Page (https://facebook.com/mhktricks.net) is still under his control …
Unlike that page and like our new official page :

It was a big and bad dream for a month but now we are awake !

Forget everything & wait for new cracks coming next week !

Stay Tuned
Cheers as Always