Extreme Call Blocker v30. 

Extreme Call Blocker is the most comprehensive and best-selling Call, SMS, and MMS blocking, filtering and privacy app on the Play

Call Blocking Modes

  • Send to voice mail: blocked call goes straight to your voicemail.
  • Pickup-and-hang up: prevent the caller from leaving you any voice mail.
  • Mute only: only mute the ringtone on your side.
  • Allow call but no voicemail: allow call to ring as normal but no voicemail allowed.
  • Block outgoing calls: block outgoing call to a particular number.

Message Blocking Modes

  • Erased: blocked message erased permanently, not recoverable.
  • Saved in block log: blocked message saved in the log, can be viewed/edited/replied later.
  • Hidden in private: blocked message hidden in private mailbox, can only be accessed with password .
  • Auto response only: send auto response only, do not block messages.
  • Forward: forward message to another number.
  • Content filtering: message can be filtered based on content.

Customize Blocking List

  • Blacklist: easiest way to block a number, add it to the blacklist and select a blocking mode.
  • White list: for numbers you don’t want to be blocked.
  • Profile: build a blocking profiles and add as many numbers as you want to the profile, ideal for blocking a lot of numbers in the same way.
  • Group blocking: block an entire Google contact group.
  • Area code blocking: use wildcard to block an entire area code, or all numbers contain the same pattern.

Schedule Blocking

  • Timers: blacklist supports timers, set your blocking to start and end at a particular time during a particular day or days.
  • Calendars: profile and group blocking support calendar scheduling, set your blocking to start and end according to your Google calendar.

Private Message Vault

  • Support both SMS and MMS
  • Password protected.
  • Support remote clear to erase all messages remotely.
  • Automatic time out.
  • Calls to/from private numbers automatically erased from call log.

Do Not Disturb Widget

  • Quickly turn on the do not disturb mode to block all calls .
  • Support send to voicemail, hang up or mute call during donotdisturb period.
  • Option to include white list numbers also when in the do not disturb mode.


  • Password protected.
  • Invisible mode, remove app icon from your app list.
  • Support blocking of UNKNOWN,PRIVATE or RESTRICTED calls.
  • One-click option to block all numbers not in your contact.
  • Support sending auto response text messages to blocked calls or messages.
  • Support wildcard * and ? matching of phone numbers.
  • Support backup and restore to/from SD card or Dropbox.
  • Automatically erase blocked calls from your call log.
  • Blocking history log stores all blocked call and message info.

What’s New in v30.
Fixes for crash, notification, and password issues.
•New feature:Implemented low profile mode to reduce power and memory usage
•New feature:New private msg box that can send/receive MMS
•New feature:Updated and simplified settings
•New feature:Remove the requirement to download another app for message blocking
Call hang up fix for android versions lower than 4.0
Added Strip unicode option for the messaging app

How to install?

Download the given APK to your phone
Install it normally



Extreme Call Blocker (6 MB)