Digital Hive Live Wallpaper 
This live wallpaper displays a 3D grid of glowing, subtly pulsing hexagons. Select any color you like, or a mixture of two colors! Touch to make the hexagons tilt or glow.
Digital Hive can also be used as a Daydream.

WHAT’S NEW in v2.1.3 ?
Simplified color selection. Everything is now contained within the color picker dialog. Press the “Mode” drop-down for selecting battery-based or plug-based color blends. Press the > button to see recently selected colors to choose from.
Added daydream support.
Added mirror mode to flip the scene.
Added anti-aliasing to inner edges of hexagons.
Added anisotropic filtering for devices that support it.
Added native code for x86 devices.
v2.1.1-3: Fixes for battery level blend issues.

How to Install?

Download the given APK to your phone
Install it normally


























Digital Hive Live Wallpaper(1.2 MB)