It is an Internet Accelerator with Bandwidth Management and Traffic Shaping. It increases your throughput and reduces your Ping. Whenever you access the Internet with more than one data stream cFosSpeed can optimize the traffic. The program attaches itself as a device driver to the Windows network stack where it can then perform packet inspection and layer-7 protocol analysis. Ping optimizer plus packet prioritization. Traffic Shaping is a method for optimizing the Internet traffic. It allows maximum speed while ensuring minimal Ping. Outgoing traffic is not sent out indiscriminately. Instead, data packets are first queued and then sent out in order of their priority. This way, data that is needed immediately is transmitted before less time-critical data.

cFosSpeed also reduces network congestion for downloads by lowering the TCP window size to keep the sender from sending too much data at once. In addition, cFosSpeed contains a packet filter firewall, time and volume online budgets, a skinnable transfer monitor and several other special purpose features. It has a filter language that allows experts to write their own traffic classifications.


  • Internet Tuning / Traffic Shaping
    If ACKs are not sent fast enough, downloads may be slow during uploads (the classic Traffic Shaping).
    Windows TCP Auto-Tuning may result in too slow downloads. cFosSpeed’s RWIN expansion can increase the speed .
    cFosSpeed can also accelerate downloads for certain applications (see test results ).
    cFosSpeed keeps the overall ping time low, even during heavy uploads and downloads.
    Ping times during multiple down­loads & uploads
  • Prioritization – Your important streams first
    With the cFosSpeed prioritization scheme you can always give all your programs full bandwidth, because cFosSpeed decides which streams must be prioritized.
    For example Game-Traffic, VoIP, or Audio/Video content will be prioritized higher than uploads / downloads.
    Your filesharing may use unlimited speed of your Internet connection, but it will be slowed down when you have important traffic.
    The whole prioritization scheme is configurable and you can change the prioritization on-the-fly.
  • Benefits
    Full download rate during upload
    Consistently quick response time of your Internet even under heavy load
    Substantially less lag in online games
    Improved VoIP speech quality
    Nice status window (with skins), so you always see what’s going on

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